Figure Skating Practice Part 4: Putting It All Together

Now that you understand the importance of the fundamentals, goal setting and the power of your mental mind set,. putting these three concepts to use during your everyday figure skating practice, will help set you apart from the other skaters.
Figure Skater at a competition - Figure skating success

Figure Skating Success

Practicing for any sport is vital to becoming successful. When wanting to learn new skills in figure skating; spins, jumps and turns, practice becomes vital being able to advance. Continuously being efficient and deliberate practice methods allows your skating to inprove faster and also keeps you motivated as well. Figure skating practicing can sometimes be repetitive, but staying focused and being precise every time will help bring your figure skating to the next level and reach your goals faster.


How to Have a Successful Figure Skating Practice

Having a successful practice every time you step onto the ice is key to develop to the next level. You can go to practice and go through the motions but that wont allow you to compete at the high levels you want. Nor will those sessions lead to an enjoyable figure sating journey. The quality of how you practice has an immense impact on how you develop as a skater and the results you produce in competitions.

Figure skater with coach during practice

Step One

The first step to a successful practice is goal setting. Goal setting allows you to hold your self accountable to what you want to achieve within that practice, week, month or figure skating season. Setting goals give you direction and motivation to reach something that have never before.  Goals give you something to focus on and motivate you while you are practicing. You can set daily skating goals, weekly goals, or goals for the figure skating season. Accomplishing small goals help you feel success and momentum of moving forward in figure skating.  The Skate 2 Great Pocket Coach ™ allows you and your coach to create goals to help hold your self accountable and help motivate you as a skater. Some of your goals wont be achieved over night, it takes time and determination. The most effective way to achieve your goals is to practice, practice, practice. With easy-to-use checklists during practice, Skate 2 Great Pocket Coach ™ helps guide you to reach your goals and help advance to the next level.

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Step Two

The second step to a successful practice is preparing your mental mind set. The mental aspect of figure skating is half the battle of becoming successful. Self-motivation, discipline and positive attitude are the three mental aspect that help you find success in your skating. Some days after a long day of school or work, you wont want to head to the rink. But thats when you have to have self motivation, discipline and positive attitude to want to become the best figure skater you can be. To want to go 100% on the ice and leave it all out on the ice to work towards your goals.  Mentally and physically preparing for each practice the same way you would prepare for a competition, with off ice warm ups and cool downs designed to help you perform at your top ability.

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Step Three

The third step to a successful practice is warming up with the fundamentals of figure skating. The fundamentals of figure skating are the building blocks of every turn, edge, spin and jump. They are the elements that you learned along the way and continue to learn as you develop. The fundaments continue to advance as you advance to higher levels. Continuous practice of figure skating fundamentals builds muscle memory of the movements, allowing your body and brain to tweak and adjust when learning new skills. The muscle memory allows you to learn new new skills at a faster speed and perform advance moves with greater ease and precision.

The Importance of Consistent Figure Skating Practice

Consistency often separates great skaters from good skaters. Consistency is competing and practicing at your highest ability every time you step foot on the ice. Perfecting consistency comes from consistent preparation in every aspect of figure skating; physical conditioning, practice, effort, technique, tactics and mental mind set. Consistency most importantly comes from consistent practice efforts, going 100% every time you step on the ice for figure skating practice and competition. The importance and stress on practicing consistently is because how you practice follows over to how you compete. If you execute your routine perfectly during practice you will more likely execute your routine perfectly during competition.

One of the best ways to build consistency is by having clearly defined goals for every practice session and a structured practice routine that you use ever time. Having defined short-term goals for every practice will keep you on track and accountable for every practice, striving towards consistency in your performance. The Skate 2 Great Pocket Coach, provides 20-30 minute specially designed figure skating routines for each level. Which helps keep a structured practice routine that you begin every practice working towards consistency on your fundamentals. With the emphasis of consistent routines and practices it allows skaters to stay on track with your goals and achive better spins, bigger jumps, and more precise edges.

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